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File Preparatin Tips

Submitting a print-ready file is the best way to have your job come out the way you expect. A print-ready file is the least amount of work on our end which means the least cost for you.

What is a print-ready file?  To put it simply, it is a file in Portable Document Format (PDF) that contains your finished art work. It should have crop marks and a bleed area (1/8") if your job prints to edge of the sheet. It will also have all fonts embedded in the file (mostly standard these days) and images at 300 dpi resolution or close to that. The images should be in CMYK format though we can convert RGB to CMYK easy enough.

There are a few on-line sources to convert your Microsoft Office files such as where you can adjust the quality of your pdf through the compression settings. You can also install a virtual pdf printer like CutePDF that will work nicely for converting your Microsoft Office files.


InDesign: Create Print-Ready PDF: File > Export > Adobe PDF(Print) - choose "Press Quality" and don't forget to include crop marks and bleed area (1/8")


Package native InDesign file, links and fonts: File > Package

This will create a new folder that includes the main file plus a folder with links and fonts. This folder can be right clicked and sent to a zip file for emailing or uploading to our site. This is the best method for spot color jobs.


Microsoft Word: use an on-line pdf maker like or print to a virtual printer like CutePDF to create a pdf file. You can always send us the native Word file which we can convert but there may be issues with fonts and line breaks as well as placed logos and other images.


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